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"Between me, my sister and my dad (in his 70s) all digging and sifting for less than 4 hours, we ended up with over 300 shark teeth including a couple of partial megalodon teeth! We also found stingray teeth and manatee bones which was cool to see. Almost felt like going to a natural history museum - except out in the wild! Or like we were paleontologists for the day!

I would have never done this alone but I felt totally safe and in good hands with them. We didn’t see a single alligator, which I was also thrilled about." 


"What a great time…great family run business that were very welcoming and helpful to make sure everyone had an enjoyable experience." 


"We had a fantastic time. They were very lovely and helpful as well. Highly recommend this organization."


"Stacy and Adam were amazing! The tour is so worth the time and money. Stacy and Adam were very knowledgeable and helpful! Providing tips and have great shark teeth eyes! We had so much fun, even with falling into the water! hahaha.  I 100% recommend them!"


"We had an incredible experience and our kids said the best day on vacation yet! We could have stayed another 3 hours!

Great teeth, easy because they provide everything, and great people.

Recommend for anyone who likes the outdoors and fossil hunting!"


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